Projects from different versions of Dorico

You can open projects that were last saved in other versions of Dorico than the one you have. In such cases, Dorico Pro shows a warning message to make you aware of any implications.

The contents of the warning message vary according to the version of Dorico in which the project was last saved:

  • When opening a project last saved in an older version, it shows the version number the project was last saved in and informs you that the project will be updated to your current version.

  • When opening a project last saved in a newer version, it shows only that the project is from a newer version. It also informs you that items and notations from that version might not appear and will be deleted if you save the project in your current version.

In both cases, opening the project is non-destructive. This means that its contents and formatting are unaffected if you do not save it.

You can prevent Dorico Pro from showing you warnings about projects from different versions in Preferences > General > Files. In the same section, you can also tell Dorico Pro to prompt you to choose a new location for projects from different versions when you save them. This reduces the risk of you overwriting them by mistake.