Project Info dialog

The Project Info dialog allows you to specify information about the whole project and each flow within it separately, such as the title, composer, and lyricist, as these might be different for different flows. You can then refer to these entries using tokens in text frames.

You can open the Project Info dialog in any mode in any of the following ways:

  • Press Ctrl/Cmd-I.

  • Choose File > Project Info.

Project Info dialog

The Project Info dialog comprises the following:

  1. Flows list

    Contains all the flows in the project, with a separate entry for the project as a whole at the top. You can select individual or multiple flows in the flows list.


    The flows list uses the names of flows as shown in the Flows panel in Setup mode, which can be different to their entry in the Title field if you have changed their flow title.

    The action bar at the bottom of the list contains the following options:

    • New Flow : Creates a new flow with no information. Its default name is New Flow.

    • Duplicate Flow : Creates a new flow with all the information of the selected flow. Its default name is Copy of [selected flow].

    • Rename Flow : Opens the Rename Flow dialog, which allows you to change the name of the flow.


      If you have already manually changed the flow title, changing the name of the flow does not automatically change the flow title.

    • Move Down : Moves the selected flows down the flows list, which changes their order in the project.

    • Move Up : Moves the selected flows up the flows list, which changes their order in the project.

    • Delete Flow : Deletes the selected flows.

  2. Information fields

    Allow you to enter information about the currently selected flows or the whole project in the corresponding field, such as Composer and Lyricist.

    If you have selected multiple flows with different entries in the same fields, such as flows with different composers, those fields display Mixed.

    You can change the font style of specific characters within information fields using the following Markdown formatting:

    • To make characters appear in italics, enclose them inside single asterisks, such as *Allegro*.

    • To make characters appear bold, enclose them inside double asterisks, such as **Chaminade**.

    • To make characters appear bold and italic, enclose them inside triple asterisks, such as ***28***.


    If you want entire information fields to appear with the same formatting, such as all in italics, we recommend that you edit the corresponding paragraph styles.

  3. Generate preview thumbnails when saving

    When activated, Dorico Pro generates the following preview images of the layout open in the music area when you save the project:

    • PNG file of the first page. This is displayed on the Open Recent page in the Hub.

    • PDF file of the whole layout.

    When deactivated, Dorico Pro does not generate preview images. This reduces the file size and can make saving large projects quicker.

  4. Resolve Markdown formatting for text tokens

    Allows you to enable/disable the resolution of Markdown formatting in information fields.

  5. Copy info from menu

    Allows you to select another flow or the whole project whose information you want to copy; for example, for a project containing multiple flows that all have the same composer and lyricist.

  6. Copy

    Copies all the information from the specified flow/project to the selected flows/project.

  • The information you add in Project Info only appears on pages where the corresponding tokens exist. For example, if you want to display a dedication above the project title, you must add the dedication token to the First page template.

  • You cannot specify line breaks in single-line fields. However, you can enter line breaks in larger fields, namely Copyright and Other information, which you can then copy into single-line fields.

  • By default, First page templates have tokens that refer to project information. If you only enter information for individual flows in the Project Info dialog, that information does not automatically appear on pages that use the First page template.

    Similarly, if you started a new project from the Hub and deactivated Project will use multiple flows, running headers in score layouts display the project title instead of the flow title.

    You can change the tokens in the default page templates to refer to flows, including specific flows, if required.