Change Divisi dialog

The Change Divisi dialog allows you to change how section players are divided and change the appearance and grouping of staff labels.

  • You can open the Change Divisi dialog by selecting an item on a section player’s staff and choosing Edit > Notations > Staff > Change Divisi.

Change Divisi dialog

The Change Divisi dialog contains the following sections and options:

  1. Divisions section

    Shows the current divisions and groups for the selected section player at the selected rhythmic position.

  2. Groups

    Shows any groups of divisions you have created. Grouping sections together gives you more flexibility in how the staves are labelled.

  3. Divisions

    Shows each current individual division. Each division corresponds to a separate staff.

  4. Action bar

    Contains options that allow you to change the number and arrangement of divisions.

    • Add Solo Division : Adds a solo staff. Dorico Pro automatically adds solo staves above section staves.

    • Add Section Division : Adds a section division. Dorico Pro automatically adds new section divisions below existing sections.

    • Add Group : Groups the selected solo or section divisions together.

    • Delete Division or Group : Deletes the selected section divisions or groups.


      If you delete a divisi change without deleting any music on it, that music is no longer shown but still exists. If you later recreate a division of the same type at the same position, the music reappears.

  5. Staff labels section

    Displays the current staff label for the selected division or group and allows you to edit it, independently of your default staff label paragraph style settings.

  6. Editing

    For groups only, this option allows you to switch between editing the Full Name and Short Name of the selected group.

    Full Name is used for Full staff labels, Short Name is used for Abbreviated staff labels.

  7. Text editor options

    Allows you to customize the font, size, and formatting of the staff label of the selected division or group, independently of the formatting of the corresponding paragraph style.

  8. Text editing area

    Shows the current staff label for the selected division or group. You can select any part of the staff label and edit it independently of other parts; for example, if you want the numbers to use a different font to the instrument name.

    Divisi staff labels are right-aligned by default, so appear at the right edge of the text editing area.

  9. Staff label visibility options

    Allow you to customize when the different parts of divisi staff labels are shown, independently of your per-layout settings for hiding/showing staff labels and divisi section numbers in staff labels.

    • Follow Options: The corresponding part of divisi staff labels follows your per-layout settings for staff labels.

    • Show: The corresponding part of divisi staff labels is always shown, regardless of your per-layout settings.

    • Hide: The corresponding part of divisi staff labels is always hidden, regardless of your per-layout settings.