Numbered bar regions

Numbered bar regions allow you to show bar counts in specific regions without additional notations. This can help performers keep track of how many bars have passed when playing repetitive music.

Figure 1. Numbered bar region spanning six bars

By default, numbered bar regions are hidden in full score/custom score layouts and shown in part layouts. You can hide/show numbered bar regions in each layout independently.

In Write mode, each region has a handle at the start and end, which you can use to move and lengthen/shorten regions.

Numbered bar region showing start/end handles

By default, numbered bar regions are highlighted with a colored background. As you zoom out, the highlights become more opaque, which is especially useful when viewing full score layouts in galley view. These highlights are considered annotations, are not printed by default, and you can hide/show them.

When two different numbered bar regions are adjacent, they alternate highlight colors to ensure the separate regions are always identifiable.

Figure 2. Phrase containing two adjacent numbered bar regions