Front matter

Front matter in Dorico Pro is a broad term that covers all information included before the first bar of music in scores.

Front matter includes musical information often added on pages before the first pages of scores, such as a title page, instrumentation list, program note, and performance instructions.

Front matter also includes information above the music on the first page of scores and parts, such as the dedication, title, subtitle, composer, and lyricist.

All information in your project that is independent of the music must be added within frames, which you can input and edit in Engrave mode. You can do this on individual pages in layouts or on page templates, which allow you to apply the same formatting to multiple pages in all the layouts that use the same page template set; for example, if you want the music frame for the last page in all part layouts to be smaller because it only contains a few systems.


An efficient way of keeping information consistent across all layouts is to use tokens that refer to fields in the Project Info dialog. The default page templates display different information according to their type.

You can use paragraph styles to keep the formatting and appearance of text consistent throughout your project; for example, if you want your title to use a specific font style wherever it appears.