Markers are labels locked to a particular position in time, most commonly in relation to a video. They typically indicate an important moment that requires musical prominence, and composers often use them to help shape the writing process.

Figure 1. Markers on a timecode staff showing custom text and timecodes

By default, markers in Dorico Pro show the default text “Marker” and also include the timecode of their fixed position in time.

In Dorico Pro, you can use markers in any project. However, because they are most commonly used in conjunction with video, markers are included in the Video panel in Write mode. There is also a Markers track in Play mode that displays markers, and allows you to input new ones.

You can use markers to help find suitable tempos for your project, as Dorico Pro can calculate possible tempos between important markers so that the markers occur on strong beats in the time signature.

You can show markers above/below the start of each system or below the timecode staff, if there is one, in each layout independently. You can also hide/show timecodes in markers.

Any markers you input are automatically included when you export MIDI.