Staff label paragraph styles

Staff labels use paragraph styles to format their fonts, including their size, spacing, alignment, and other formatting options. When staff labels contain multiple separate parts, such as when the instrument name and instrument number have different vertical positions, you can format each part separately.

Musical phrase with different types of staff labels labelled

The following paragraph styles are used for staff labels:

  1. Player Group Labels: Used for player group labels.

  2. Staff Labels: The default style used for staff labels that have the instrument/player name and number aligned and next to each other. It is also used for the group labels on divisi staves, groups in grid presentation percussion kits, and for instrument/player names grouped between multiple identical instruments or between player numbers in staff labels on condensed staves.

  3. Staff Labels (Inner): Used for individual staves within divisi groups, instrument numbers when instrument names are aligned between multiple identical instruments, and player numbers in staff labels on condensed staves.

  4. Staff Labels (Percussion Grid): Used for individual instruments in grid presentation percussion kits.

You can edit each paragraph style independently of each other in the Paragraph Styles dialog; for example, if you want outer staff labels to be left-aligned but inner staff labels to be right-aligned.


You can make further changes to the appearance and alignment of staff labels on divisi staves at each individual divisi change.