Staff labels on condensed staves

Staff labels on condensed staves must reflect all the players included on the staff. Dorico Pro automatically consolidates identical instrument names in staff labels on condensed staves but always shows all the required player numbers.

On condensed staves containing different types of instruments or instruments with different names, all required instrument names are shown.

Figure 1. Staff labels on condensed brass staves

Because condensing can change frequently, staff labels on condensed staves can vary from one system to another. The staff labels for condensed divisi staves reflect the divisions at the start of the system and show instrument names. You can choose to show divisi group names instead of instrument names and change how player numbers are stacked and consolidated in staff labels on all condensed staves project-wide.

Dorico Pro also shows player labels above/below condensed staves to identify the players to which notes on condensed staves belong, as condensing can change within a single system. For condensed divisi staves, Dorico Pro shows the player labels “div.”, with any required qualifications, and your set unison indication where each division starts and ends respectively.


Your setting for the grouping of staff labels of adjacent identical instruments applies to adjacent condensed staves with the same instruments and condensed divisi staves, such as if you have a condensed staff for Flutes 1-2 and a separate staff for Flute 3.

Your settings for staff label numbering styles also apply to condensed staves.