Ending divisi passages

You can end divisi passages and return to a unison section on a single staff at any position, including partway through systems.


  1. In Write mode, select an item on a divisi staff at the rhythmic position where you want the divisi passage to end.
  2. Choose Edit > Notations > Staff > Restore Unison. You can also choose this option from the context menu.


A default divisi change with a single unison section is input at the selected position, which ends the previous divisi passage. A signpost is shown at the position of the unison restoration.

The unison restoration applies from the selected item until the next existing divisi change or the end of the flow, whichever comes first. It appears in all applicable layouts.

If the unison restoration occurs partway through a system, all staves from the previous divisi change automatically continue until the end of the system. A unison range is created automatically to replicate any unison material onto all staves from the divisi change.


The number of staves in a system is defined by the first divisi change in the system, including prevailing divisi changes from previous systems. If you input a new divisi change partway through a system with an existing divisi change active at its start, the number of staves is not changed to reflect the new divisi change until the next system.