Changing the reverb plug-in

You can change the plug-in used for reverb; for example, if you want to use a specific reverb sound. By default, the reverb plug-in REVerence is loaded into the first FX channel.


For more information about the plug-ins included with Dorico Pro, see the separate document Plug-in Reference.


  • The Mixer is shown, either in the lower zone or in the Mixer window.

  • The FX channel is shown.


  1. In the Mixer, click Inserts in any channel strip to expand all inserts sections.
  2. In the FX channel strip, click the insert menu in the REVerence insert slot, and select the reverb plug-in you want to use from the menu.
  3. Optional: If you want to edit settings for the new plug-in, click Edit Insert to open its plug-in window.