Mixer channels

Mixer channels allow the source connected to them, such as instrument tracks, to produce sound. You can access all channels in the Mixer panel and Mixer window, and individual channels in the Track Inspector for the corresponding track.

Channel in the Mixer with elements labelled

Each channel in the Mixer panel provides the following controls and displays:

  1. Pan control

    Allows you to position the sound/MIDI output of the channel on the stereo spectrum for stereo playback.

  2. Fader value

    Displays the current volume as a value, corresponding to the position of the fader.

    • Audio channels use dB.

    • MIDI channels use MIDI volume, from 0 to 127.

  3. Fader

    Allows you to control the volume level of the channel.

  4. Channel meter

    Indicates the output volume of the channel in real time.

  5. Mute

    Allows you to mute the channel. Indicates whether the channel has an active mute state.

  6. Solo

    Allows you to solo the channel. Indicates whether the channel has an active solo state.

  7. Channel name

    Displays the name of the channel.

    Instrument channels display the full instrument name set for that instrument in the Edit Instrument Names dialog and its instrument number, if applicable.