Recording Chords on the Chord Track

You can record the triggered chords on the chord track. This way, you can easily create chord events for a lead sheet, for example.


You have connected and set up a MIDI keyboard, you have opened and set up the chord pads, and you have added an instrument or a MIDI track for which a VST instrument is loaded.


  1. On the instrument track, enable Monitor.
  2. Select Project > Add Track > Chord to add the chord track.
  3. In the Inspector for the chord track, click Record Enable.
  4. On the Transport panel, activate Record.
  5. On your MIDI keyboard, press the keys that trigger the chord pads.

    Use the keys that are not assigned to play and record other chords.


The chord events are recorded on the chord track.


The recorded chord events may sound different from the chord pad playback. This is because the voicing settings for the chord track differ from the chord pad voicings.