Functions Menu

  • Show Voicing Indicators

    Allows you to activate/deactivate the voicing indicators that can be displayed at the bottom of each chord pad.

  • Assign Pads from Chord Track

    Assigns the chord events from the chord track to the chord pads in the same order as they appear on the chord track. Chord events that have more than one occurrence are only assigned once.

  • Snap Playback to Musical Grid

    Allows you to delay the playback of a triggered chord pad to the next defined musical position. This is useful if you work with an arpeggiator or with the Pattern Player.

  • Transpose All Pads

    Transposes all chord pads by a defined transpose value.

  • Lock All Pads

    Locks all chord pads for editing.

  • Unlock All Pads

    Unlocks all chord pads.

  • Unassign All Pads

    Removes the chord assignment from all pads.