Project Logical Editor (Cubase Pro only)

On the Edit menu you will find the function “Project Logical Editor…”. This opens a Project Logical Editor for the entire project. It works similar to the Logical Editor on the MIDI menu. The most important difference is that the Logical Editor for MIDI works at the event level, whereas the Project Logical Editor works at the project level and is therefore a very powerful tool for “search and replace” functions in your entire project.


The MIDI events in the MIDI parts will not be affected by the Project Logical Editor operations. If you want to change MIDI notes or controller data, you have to use the Logical Editor.

With the Project Logical Editor, you can combine filter conditions with actions to create complex procedures, e. g. for special track type operations on tracks that are named identically. You can use its functions to delete all muted MIDI parts or to toggle the open state of all folder tracks in your project, etc.

Included with the Project Logical Editor are a number of presets that give you an impression of the great possibilities that this feature offers. Many of them can also be used as starting points when you set up your own editing operations.

The principle for the Project Logical Editor is this:

  • You set up filter conditions to find certain elements.

    This can be elements of a certain type, with certain attributes or values or on certain positions, in any combination. You can combine any number of filter conditions and make composite conditions using AND/OR operators.

  • You select the basic function to be performed.

    The options are Transform (changing properties of the found elements), Delete (removing the elements) and Select (selecting the found elements).

  • You set up a list of actions, which specify exactly what is done.

    This is not necessary for all functions. For example, the Delete function does not require any additional action specifications – it simply removes all found elements.

  • In the Macro pop-up menu you can choose an additional macro that will be executed after the actions you defined.

    Use this to extend the possibilities offered by combining the filter conditions and actions specified in the Project Logical Editor even further.

By combining filter conditions, functions, the specific actions, and additional macros, you can perform very powerful processing.


The Project Logical Editor allows all kinds of settings that may not always make sense. Experiment a bit before applying your edits to important projects. You can undo the operations by using the Undo command on the Edit menu.