Chord Pad Settings – Pad Layout

The Pad Layout tab in the chord pad Settings allows you to change the layout that is used for the chord pads. By default, the keyboard layout is active, but you can change to a grid layout if you prefer that. After changing the pad layout you may need to adjust the remote setup.

  • To the left of the chord pads, click Show/Hide Settings and activate the Pad Layout tab.

  1. Show/Hide Settings

    Opens the settings for the chord pads.

  2. Keyboard

    Activate this to show the chord pads in a keyboard layout. You can display 1 or 2 octaves, and you can select if the first chord pad starts with C, A or E.

  3. Grid

    Activate this to show the chord pads in a grid layout. You can display up to 4 rows and 16 columns.

  4. Layout display

    Shows how the active chord pad layout is displayed.