Arranger Track

The arranger functions in Cubase allow you to work in a non-linear fashion. Using an arranger track allows you to specify how and when specific sections are played back, even in live performances. This way, you do not need to move, copy, and paste events in the Project window.


There can be only one arranger track in a project.

To use the arranger functions you must add an arranger track and define arranger events. Arranger events can be of any length. They can overlap and are not bound to the start or end of existing events and parts. You can order them in a list, and add repeats as desired.

You can edit arranger events using the standard techniques. Copies from arranger events are independent from the original event.

You can create several arranger chains that allow you to save different versions of a song within the project.

You can flatten arranger chains to convert them into a linear project.