Global Settings

  • To open the Global Settings, click Global Settings above the spectrum display.

Spectrum Display

Show Spectrum

Activates/Deactivates the spectrum display.

Peak Hold

Holds the peak values of the spectrum display for a short time.


Determines the reaction time of the spectrum display. Lower values result in faster reaction times.

Bar Graph

If this option is activated, the frequency spectrum is analyzed into 60 separate bands that are displayed as vertical bars.

Two Channels

If this option is activated, the spectrum of the left and right channels are displayed separately.


Tilts the spectrum display around the 1 kHz pivot.

EQ Curve

Show Curve

Shows/Hides the EQ curve in the spectrum display.


If this option is activated, the EQ curve is filled. Amount allows you to specify the degree of coverage between 10 and 80 %.