VintageCompressor is modeled after vintage type compressors.

This compressor features separate controls for Input and Output gain, Attack, and Release. In addition, there is a Punch mode which preserves the attack phase of the signal and a program-dependent Auto feature for the Release parameter.


Determines the compression amount. The higher the input gain, the more compression is applied.

Output (-48 to 24 dB)

Sets the output gain.

Attack (0.1 to 100 ms)

Determines how fast the compressor responds. If the attack time is long, more of the initial part of the signal passes through unprocessed.


If this is activated, the early attack phase of the signal is preserved, retaining the original punch in the audio material, even with short Attack settings.

Release (10 to 1000 ms or Auto mode)

Sets the time after which the gain returns to its original level. If Auto Release is activated, the plug-in automatically finds the best release setting for the audio material.


Adjusts the mix between dry signal and wet signal, preserving the transients of the input signal.

VU Meter

Shows the amount of gain reduction.

In/Out Meters

Show the highest peaks of all available input and output channels.