Brickwall Limiter

Brickwall Limiter ensures that the output level never exceeds a set limit.

Due to its fast attack time, Brickwall Limiter can reduce even short audio level peaks without creating audible artifacts. However, this plug-in creates a latency of 1ms. Brickwall Limiter features separate meters for input, output, and the amount of limiting. Position this plug-in at the end of the signal chain, before dithering.

Threshold (-20 to 0 dB)

Determines the level where the limiter kicks in. Only signal levels above the set threshold are processed.

Release (3 to 1000 ms or Auto mode)

Sets the time after which the gain returns to the original level when the signal drops below the threshold. If the Auto button is activated, the plug-in automatically finds the best release setting for the audio material.


If this button is activated, Brickwall Limiter uses the channel with the highest level to analyze the input signal. If the button is deactivated, each channel is analyzed separately.

Detect Intersample Clipping

If this option is activated, Brickwall Limiter uses oversampling to detect and limit signal levels between two samples to prevent distortion when converting digital signals into analog signals.


Brickwall Limiter is designed for the reduction of occasional peaks in the signal. If the Gain Reduction meter indicates constant limiting, try raising the threshold or lowering the overall level of the input signal.