Magneto II

Magneto II simulates the saturation and compression of recording on analog tape machines.


Determines the amount of saturation and the generation of overtones. This leads to a small increase in input gain.

Saturation On/Off

Activates/Deactivates the saturation effect.

Dual Mode

Simulates the use of two machines.

Frequency Range Low/High

These parameters set the frequency range of the spectrum band to which the tape effect is applied.

For example, to avoid the saturation of lower frequencies, set the Low value to 200 Hz or 300 Hz. To avoid the saturation of very high frequencies, set the High parameter to values below 10 kHz.


Allows you to hear only the set frequency range including the tape simulation effect. This helps you to determine the appropriate frequency range.


Sets the amount of high frequency content of the saturated signal.

HF-Adjust On/Off

Activates/Deactivates the HF-Adjust filter.