Mix8to2 lets you quickly mix down your surround mix format to stereo. You can control the levels of up to eight surround channels and decide for each channel up to which level it is included in the resulting mix.


This plug-in does not simulate a surround mix or add any psycho-acoustical artifacts to the resulting output – it is simply a mixer. The plug-in is only available in the Master Section and if a 8 channel audio montage is active.

Surround Channels

Volume faders

Determine how much of the signal is included in the left and/or right channel of the output bus.


Link the volume faders.

Invert Phase

Inverts the phase of the corresponding surround bus channel.

Output Bus

Volume faders

Set the volume of the mixed output.


Links the Output faders.


If this option is activated, the mixed output is normalized. For example, the output level is automatically adjusted so that the loudest signal is as loud as possible without clipping.