Maximizer raises the loudness of audio material without the risk of clipping. The plug-in provides two modes, Classic and Modern, that offer different algorithms and parameters.


Classic mode provides the classic algorithms from previous versions of this plug-in. This mode is suited for all styles of music.


In Modern mode, the algorithm allows for more loudness than in Classic mode. This mode is particularly suited for contemporary styles of music.

Modern mode also provides additional settings to control the release phase:

  • Release sets the overall release time.

  • Recover allows for a faster signal recovering at the beginning of the release phase.


Determines the loudness of the signal.


Sets the level balance between the dry signal and the wet signal.


Sets the maximum output level.

Soft Clip

If this button is activated, Maximizer starts limiting or clipping the signal softly. At the same time, harmonics are generated, adding a warm, tube-like characteristic to the audio material.