Setup Options

You can configure the control panel using the setup options.

To open the menu that contains the setup options, proceed as follows:

  • For views, click the Setup Options icon in the header.

  • For tabs, right-click the name of the tab to open the context menu that contains the setup options.

Split | and Split --

You can add a view or tab to the window by splitting an existing view or tab.

  • To perform a vertical split, select Split |. This adds a new editor to the right of the current editor.

  • To perform a horizontal split, select Split --. This adds an editor below the current editor.


To create a copy of an existing view or tab, click its upper left corner, and drag it to another position in the window. A colored frame indicates the insert position.


Creates a duplicate of the view or tab in a new window.

Create Tab

Creates a tab. You can also create tabs within tabs.


Allows you to rename tabs.


Removes the view or tab.


Opens a pane that shows icons for the available editors. To select an editor, click its icon.


Allows you to select the editor to be displayed from the list of available editors.