Macro Pages

HALion allows you to build your own sample and synthesizer instruments and to customize them using the integrated Lua script engine. Via the Macro Page Designer, you can create your own user interface for these instruments.

The Macro Page Designer allows you to create everything from small user interfaces for custom script modules to complete instrument editors with several pages and a wide range of controls, such as knobs, buttons, sliders, text, labels, menus, etc. In addition to the basic controls, complex graphical editors for multi-stage envelopes, the FlexPhraser, the step modulator, and displays for samples and wavetables are available. The controls themselves are highly customizable in how they behave and look.


Macro pages can be created for programs, layers, and Lua script MIDI modules. They are not available for smaller elements, such as zones or effects, for example.

In addition to this documentation, you can find more information on the Macro Page Designer under