View and Tab Operations

You can add, move, and resize tabs and views to configure the control panel.

Creating Tabs

You can create tabs in the following ways:

  • Select Create Tab from the setup options.

  • Click in the upper left corner of an existing view or tab, and drag it onto another one.

  • Click the + icon to the right of the rightmost tab, and click the icon for the editor that you want to display.

  • You can also create tabs within tabs.

  • If a view contains more tabs than can be displayed, arrow buttons are displayed to navigate between the tabs.

Moving Views and Tabs

  • To move a view or tab, hold down Shift, click in its upper left corner, and drag it to another position.

    Depending on the drop position, it is added as a tab or as part of a split view.

Expanding and Resizing Editor Sections

Some editors, such as the Options Editor, contain expandable sections. These sections can be resized or collapsed so that they only show their title bar. This helps you to save space and focus on the edited parameters.

  • To expand or collapse a section, click the + or - icon on the left of the title bar, or click the title bar.

  • To expand or collapse all sections at the same time, hold down Shift, and click the + or the - icon or the title bar.

  • To resize a section, click the dotted line in the middle of its lower border, and drag up or down.

Adjusting the Size of a Split View

  • To adjust the size of two split views, point the mouse at the divider between them, click, and drag.

    If a view is split into three or more parts, these parts are resized proportionally. To resize an individual part, hold down Ctrl/Cmd and drag.