Available Editors

The editors give you access to the parameters of HALion and its programs and modules.

A new tab showing the list of available editors.

Lists all assigned automation parameters. With the tabs at the top, you can specify whether you want to show the automation parameters for the slot, the global parameters, or all automation parameters.


Allows you to browse and import files, including external sampler formats.


Combines a keyboard, two wheels, and the sphere control. You can use these controls to simulate external hardware.

Library Creator

Allows you to create your own VST Sound content in HALion.

Macro Page

Shows the macro page of the loaded program and its layers, if available.

Macro Page Designer

Allows you to create your own macro pages.

Mapping Editor

Allows you to specify and visualize how samples are distributed over the keyboard and velocity range.


Allows you to load programs and layers.

MIDI Editor

Allows you to configure the ranges and MIDI parameters of the slots.


Lists all assigned MIDI controllers.

MIDI Modules Editor

Allows you to edit MIDI modules, such as FlexPhrasers or MegaTrig modules.


Allows you to mix the program slots, access the output and AUX busses, and manage effects.


Contains global plug-in settings regarding the overall performance, global edit functions, and MIDI controllers.

Parameter List

Gives you a detailed overview of the parameters of the selected element in the Program Tree. For example, if you select an effect in the Program Tree, only the parameters of that effect are shown.

Program Table

Shows all loaded programs. This includes the programs that are used in the Slot Rack as well as those that are loaded via MIDI program change.

Program Tree

Allows you to create programs by combining samples, layers, busses, and MIDI and audio effects.

Quick Controls

Allows you to remote-control any parameter within the program.

Sample Recorder

The Sample Recorder allows you to record samples in HALion.

Sample Editor

Allows you to define sample and loop parameters.

Slot Rack

Allows you to load and manage loaded programs.

Sound Editor

Gives you access to the parameters of the various program components. It can display the parameters of programs, layers, zones, MIDI modules, busses, and effects. Which parameters are displayed depends on the object that is selected in the Program Tree.


Opens the Tagging Editor where you can set up or edit attributes for your programs.

Trigger Pads

Allow you to assign and trigger notes and chords. Furthermore, it is possible to use the trigger pads to switch between FlexPhraser or arpeggiator variations.

Undo History

Lists all of your actions and allows you to undo changes.

Wavetable Editor

Allows you to make settings for the wavetable synthesizer that is used by wavetable zones.

Zone Editor

Allows you to edit the parameters of all zones of the focused layer simultaneously, including any sublayers. If zones are selected in the Program Tree or the Mapping Editor, only these zones can be modified.