Exporting project statistics

You can export statistics for the whole project or only an individual flow; for example, to calculate engraving fees.

By default, Dorico Pro calculates statistics using the full score layout.


If the project contains either no or multiple full score layouts, you have opened the layout that you want to use for generating and exporting statistics in the music area.


  1. Choose File > Project Statistics to open the Project Statistics dialog.
  2. Optional: To export statistics from an individual flow only, select the flow from the Show statistics for menu in the Project section.
  3. At the bottom of the dialog, click Export to open the File Explorer/macOS Finder.
  4. Specify a name and location for the statistics file.
  5. Click Save.


Statistics for either the whole project or only the selected flow are exported to a plain text file, which opens automatically in your default text editor.


You can also open project statistics files in spreadsheet applications.