Groups of playing techniques

Groups of playing techniques are automatically aligned in a row and can be moved and edited as a group. When you move individual playing techniques within a group, the lengths of any continuation lines on either side automatically adjust to compensate.

Figure 1. A group of playing techniques
Figure 2. The same group of playing techniques with adjusted transition lines after the middle playing technique moved rhythmically

Two or more playing techniques are automatically grouped together if they are adjoining with duration between them and were added to existing music together or input in sequence during note input.

Transition lines are automatically shown between playing techniques in groups. The final playing technique in playing technique groups can show a duration line if it has duration.

All of the playing techniques in a group are highlighted when any of the playing techniques in the group are selected.

In Engrave mode, you can move each playing technique and continuation line within a group individually. Playing techniques in groups are attached to continuation lines, meaning that if you move a playing technique, any adjacent continuation lines automatically move with it. Groups of playing techniques have a handle at the start of the group, which controls the vertical position of the whole group.

  • You cannot group a playing technique group to another playing technique group, you can only group single playing techniques together or single playing techniques to an existing group.

  • Groups of playing techniques apply project-wide, meaning you cannot have playing techniques grouped one way in some layouts but differently in other layouts. However, you can move playing techniques graphically in each layout independently and independently of their groups.

Video tutorial about groups of playing techniques (English)