Playing technique continuation lines

Playing technique continuation lines convey exactly the notes to which playing techniques apply, and can also indicate a gradual transition between playing techniques.

Figure 1. A phrase with multiple playing technique continuation lines

In Dorico Pro, there are the following types of playing technique continuation lines:

Duration line

Indicates a specific duration to which the playing technique applies. The duration line for most playing techniques is a solid line with a hook cap at the end.

Playing techniques show duration lines when the following conditions are met:

  • The playing technique has duration.

  • The continuation type for the playing technique is set to show lines.

  • The playing technique is ungrouped or is the final playing technique in a group.

Transition line

Indicates that the playing technique at the start must gradually turn into the playing technique at the end over the duration specified by the line. The transition line for most playing techniques is a solid line with an arrow cap at the end.

Transition lines are automatically shown between playing techniques in groups.

You can change the continuation type and specify the default duration line and transition line types for each playing technique in the Edit Playing Techniques dialog.


Playing technique continuation lines do not affect playback. The sounds produced in playback rely on the playback technique associated with the playing technique, the expression map settings, and the sound libraries loaded in the project.

Video tutorial about playing technique continuation lines (English)