Verse numbers

Verse numbers indicate the order in which lyrics are sung when multiple lines of lyrics share the same musical passage. They are commonly used in hymns and song sheets.

Depending on the type of music you are writing, verse numbers might not be appropriate. Therefore, hiding/showing verse numbers in Dorico Pro is optional. By default, verse numbers are not shown. You can hide/show verse numbers on all lines of lyrics project-wide and on individually selected lyrics.

When verse numbers are shown on all lyric lines project-wide, they only appear before the first lyric in the line by default; they are not repeated on subsequent systems automatically. Therefore, if you want to show verse numbers at the start of subsequent systems, you must show verse numbers on those individual lyrics.

By default, verse numbers use the same paragraph style as the following lyric. You can change the paragraph style used for verse numbers; for example, if you want verse numbers to use a bold font but want lyrics to use a regular font.


Lyric line translations are part of the lyric line of which they are a translation, so they do not have their own verse number.