Lyric line numbers

Lyric line numbers are used to organize lyrics when a single musical passage can have different lyrics sung to it, such as music that contains multiple verses. In Dorico Pro, you can specify the line number of lyrics as you input them and by changing the line number of existing lyrics.

For example, if you input lyrics in Line 3 but later want to change those lyrics to Line 4 because you want to input different lyrics as Line 3, you can change your current Line 3 into Line 4, and then input a new line of lyrics as Line 3. The spacing is automatically adjusted to show lyric lines in the correct order.

Figure 1. The start of a choral piece with three lyric lines for its three verses

In Dorico Pro, you can have multiple lines of lyrics both above and below the same staff. Turning lyric lines into chorus lyric lines or lyric line translations changes both their placement and appearance as chorus lyrics generally use an italic font.