Importing page templates

You can import individual page templates into the current page template set from other page template sets in the project; for example, if you created a custom title page template for your full score and also want to use it in the part layouts.


  • The right zone is shown.

  • If you want to import a page template from or to a page template set not currently in the project, you have imported that page template set.


  1. In Engrave mode, open a layout that uses the page template set into which you want to import page templates.

    You can also select the page template set from the Current set menu in the Page Templates section of the Pages panel when any layout is open in the music area; however, this changes the page template set applied to the layout.

  2. In the Pages panel, click Import Page Template in the Page Templates action bar to open the Import Page Template dialog.
  3. Select the page template set that contains the page template you want to import from the Page template set menu.
  4. Select the page template you want to import in the Page template to import list.

    You can only select and import a single page template at a time.

  5. Click OK to import the selected page template and close the dialog.


The selected page template is imported into the page template set applied to the layout open in the music area. It becomes available in all layouts using that page template set.

If you import a First or Default page template, the imported page template replaces the corresponding page template in the destination page template set, as each page template set can only have a single First and Default page template.

Music frames on imported page templates are automatically assigned to their own frame chain, regardless of the frame chain to which they were originally assigned in their source page template set.


Any subsequent changes you make to the page template are not automatically reflected in other page template sets into which you imported it. You can reimport page templates if you made changes in one page template set that you want to appear in all page template sets that include the page template.

After Completing This Task

  • You can change the frame chains to which music frames are assigned on imported page templates.

  • You can assign page templates to individual pages in layouts that use their page template set.