New Page Template dialog

The New Page Template dialog allows you to add new page templates to page template sets.

  • You can open the New Page Template dialog in Engrave mode by clicking New Page Template  in the Page Templates section of the Pages panel.

New Page Template dialog

The New Page Template dialog contains the following options:


Allows you to enter a name for the new page template, such as Title page.

Based on

Allows you to select an existing page template on which you want to base the new page template. This creates a new page template with the same frames and formatting as the Based on page template.


Page templates based on existing page templates are linked to the Based on page template. Any changes you make to frames shared between the page templates affect both page templates; for example, changing the text in an existing text frame. Deleting frames and inputting new ones breaks this link.


Allows you to choose the type of the new page template.


If you select First or Default, the new page template replaces that existing page template, as each page template set can only have a single First and Default page template.