Page template sets

In Dorico Pro, page templates are provided as parts of page template sets. Page template sets group page templates and flow headings together, so there is suitable page formatting available for all possible situations in your project.

New projects contain the following page template sets by default:

  • Default Full Score: Used for full score and custom score layouts by default.

  • Default Part: Used for part layouts by default.

The default page template sets contain page templates for first (First) and subsequent (Default) pages. Each page template set can contain a single First, a single Default, and multiple Custom page templates. They must contain at least a Default page template.

Page template sets also contain flow headings that allow you to show flow titles above the start of each flow automatically, including when they start on the same page as a previous flow. The default page template sets each contain a single flow heading. You can customize the default flow headings and add new ones. Each page template set can contain a single Default and multiple Custom flow headings. They must contain at least a Default flow heading.

The default page template sets are applied automatically to the appropriate layouts in each new project. You can apply different page template sets to each layout independently. You can also create new page template sets and customize their page templates, and edit the default page template sets as required for the current project.


You can share page templates between page template sets by importing page templates. For example, if you created a new title page template in the Default Full Score page template set, you can then import it into the Default Part page template set to use it in part layouts as well.

You can also share page template sets between different projects by exporting and importing them.

Video tutorial about page template sets (English)