Changing the sound used for the click

You can change the sound used for the click in playback by assigning the Tempo track to the required endpoint, including loading a new sound manually if required; for example, if you want to use a sound that is not provided by default.


You can choose an available factory default click sound in Playback Options > Click > Metronome Click. Click, beep, and wood block sounds are provided by default.


  • The Tempo track is shown.

  • You have loaded the VST/MIDI instrument you want to use for the click.


  1. In Play mode, select the Tempo track in the track overview.
  2. In the Track Inspector, in the Routing section, select the VST/MIDI instrument plug-in you want to use for the click from the audio plug-in menu.
  3. Optional: If the sound you want to use is not already loaded in the plug-in instance, click Edit Instrument to open the corresponding VST or MIDI instrument in a window, then load the required sound into an available channel.
  4. Select the required endpoint in the plug-in instance using the following value fields, individually or together:
    • To assign the Tempo track to a different port in the selected plug-in instance, enter the required port in the Port field.


      Only necessary when using a plug-in that has multiple ports of 16 channels.

    • To assign the Tempo track to a different channel in the selected port, enter the required channel in the Ch. field.