Activating Pick-up Mode for Hardware Controls

Pick-up Mode allows you to change configured Quick Control parameters without accidentally modifying their previous values.

Often, the parameter settings of your Quick Controls are initially different from the settings of your hardware controls, for example, when the hardware controls control, different Quick Controls on different tracks. In this case, you will notice that moving a hardware control changes the previous value of a parameter in a way that it is initially set to the zero position, before it is changed. Thus, you always lose your previous setting of the parameter.

To avoid this, you can activate Pick-up Mode. This has the effect that when you move your hardware control, you can only change the parameter once the control reaches the parameter’s previous value. The control picks up the parameter at the value to which it was last set.


This only applies to hardware controllers whose controls use specific ranges.


  1. Select Devices > Device Setup.
  2. In the Devices list, select Track Quick Controls or VST Quick Controls.
  3. Activate Pick-up Mode.
  4. Click OK.