VST Instruments Toolbar

The VST instruments toolbar contains controls that allow you to add and set up VST instruments and VST quick controls.

The following controls are available:

  1. Add Track Instrument

    Opens the Add Instrument Track dialog that allows you to select an instrument and add an instrument track that is associated to this instrument.

  2. Find Instruments

    Opens a selector that allows you to find a loaded instrument.

  3. Set Remote-Control Focus for VST Quick Controls to Previous/Next Instrument

    Allows you to set the remote-control focus to the next/previous instrument.

  4. Show/Hide all VST Quick Controls

    Shows/Hides the default quick controls for all loaded instruments.

  5. Settings

    Opens the Settings menu where you can activate/deactivate the following modes:

    • Show VST Quick Controls for One Slot Only shows the VST Quick Controls exclusively for the selected instrument.

    • MIDI Channel follows track selection ensures that the Channel selector follows the MIDI track selection in the Project window. Use this mode if you work with multitimbral instruments.

    • Remote-Control Focus for VST Quick Controls follows track selection ensures that the VST Quick Control remote-control focus follows the track selection.