Quick Controls and Automatable Parameters

You can use Quick Controls not only to access certain parameters of the current track, but also to control all automatable parameters. This makes it possible to use the Quick Controls section of a dedicated track as a kind of “mini mixer”, controlling parameters on other tracks.


Use this function with caution, however, as you might accidentally modify parameters on other tracks.


  1. Create a new, empty audio track and open the Quick Controls section.

    This track has no events or parts.

  2. Hold down the Ctrl/Cmd key and click on the slot for Quick Control 1.

    The parameter selection context menu opens, but it lists not the parameters of the current track, but all automatable parameters.

  3. Open the VST Mixer folder.

    Figure: The pop-up menu lists all channels available in the MixConsole of your current project.

  4. Assign a parameter of one particular channel to Quick Control 1, and another parameter of another channel to Quick Control 2.


The Quick Controls section has become a secondary mixer, dedicated to quick-controlling parameters on other tracks.


Quick Controls that are assigned that way cannot work when saved as track presets.