Exclusive Assignment of Monitor Channels

Generally, the port assignment to the Control Room channels is exclusive. However, it can be useful to create monitor channels that share device ports with each other as well as inputs and outputs. This can be helpful if you use the same speakers as a stereo pair and also as the left and right channels of a surround speaker configuration, for example.

Switching between monitors that share device ports is seamless, multi-channel audio is mixed down to stereo as needed. Only one monitor set can be active at a time.

If your scenario does not require you to assign ports to several monitor channels, it is recommended to activate the Exclusive Device Ports for Monitor Channels option (File > Preferences > VST > Control Room). This way, you make sure that you do not accidentally assign ports to inputs/outputs and monitor channels at the same time.


The state of the Exclusive Device Ports for Monitor Channels preference is saved together with the Control Room presets. Therefore, if you recall a preset, your current setting in the Preferences dialog might be overwritten.