Adjusting the Overall Cue Send Level

You can adjust multiple send levels at the same time for the cue send mix, keeping the blend intact while lowering the overall volume. This is sometimes necessary, because the levels in the main mix are often optimized for the loudest possible signal level without clipping.

This means that when you create a more me mix, you may find that there is not enough headroom available in the cue send to raise levels without introducing clipping.


  1. In the MixConsole, select the channels that you want to modify.
  2. In the Control Room, right-click a cue channel to open the context menu.
  3. Select From selected mixer channels > Change Cue Sends Levels.
  4. Activate Relative Mode.

    This way, you adjust the existing levels. By deactivating Relative Mode, all cue sends are set to the same absolute level.

  5. Adjust the level as necessary.

    The level of all selected cue sends is adjusted by the set amount.

  6. Click OK.