Adding Channels to the Control Room

To be able to use the Control Room, you must add the channels that you need first.


  1. Select Devices > VST Connections.
  2. Click Studio.
  3. Click Add Channel.

    A pop-up menu lists all available channel types and shows how many instances of each type are available.

  4. Select a channel type.

    For most channel types, a dialog opens that allows you to choose the channel configuration.

  5. Click the Audio Device column to set an audio device for the channel type.
  6. Click the Device Port column to assign a port for the channel.

    You cannot assign the same device port to a bus or channel and a Control Room channel at the same time.


The Control Room functions are available for use. If you disable the Control Room, the configuration is saved and will be restored when you reenable the Control Room.