WaveLab Pro contains a powerful scripting language to help advanced users create their own scripts to automate tasks. Using basic scripts can be useful for automating repetitive editing tasks such as trimming and cropping a file at specific times, for example.

You can write scripts that perform other basic editing commands, apply offline processing, place markers, and display information about the active file. You can script commands to edit the active audio file or the active audio montage. If you have some experience of programming with modern scripting languages you should have no problem writing utility scripts for WaveLab Pro.

The WaveLab Pro scripting language is based on ECMAScript, with the addition of WaveLab Pro specific commands.

  • The WaveLab Pro specific scripting functions are available in the “WaveLab Pro Scripting” documentation. The documentation is available on the Internet from

  • On Windows, there is an additional scripting interface to control WaveLab Pro from external applications using VBScript or JScript. The “WaveLab Pro ActiveX Scripting” documentation is available on the Internet from and in the following folder:

    Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 9.5\Tools\Windows Scripting\

  • For a broader look at the complete subset of commands that are available, see the ECMAScript Language Specification.

This chapter is about scripts that are executed from within WaveLab Pro.