Basic Audio CD

In WaveLab Pro, you can write Basic Audio CDs that are compatible with the Red Book standard.

In the Basic Audio CD window, you create your audio CD by adding audio files to a list of tracks. Each track contains a reference to the external audio file. This means that you can save your Basic Audio CD layout as its own session and continue editing individual tracks, for example.

A Basic Audio CD project contains the information about the CD track start position and the length of the referenced audio file. If the CD markers of an audio file are deleted, the audio file is removed from the Basic Audio CD project.

Once you have set up your CD layout, you can check the CD for conformity to the Red Book standard, write the CD, or export it to the Audio Montage window for further editing. You can also consolidate the audio files in the CD into a single audio file containing track markers.

A Basic Audio CD can also be used as a generic playlist. It allows you to assemble lists of files or sections of files with adjustable pauses in between.


Writing Basic Audio CDs offers only basic functionality. For professional CD creation you should use the Audio Montage window.