Variables and Text Snippets

You can define and use custom variables and text snippets, or use auto variables in various places in WaveLab Pro, for example, in the Metadata dialog.

Custom variables can be used to replace codes with a specified text in metadata saved within audio files. For example, you can define the variable %proj% to be replaced by the name of the current project. A custom variable can also contain references to other variables. For example, %comment% can be defined as %proj% started on @Date1@.

Variable codes are replaced with the variable values when the file is written. For example, when the metadata is saved inside an audio file.

Auto variables are automatically set by WaveLab Pro. For example, the current date, the sample rate, the bit depth, or metadata values that are found in audio files.

Text snippets can be used to define words that you are using regularly when filling in text fields. These can be inserted into a text field via the Text Snippets menu.

Some auto variables depend on the context. For example:

  • CD Text variables are only used when rendering an audio montage.

  • Auto variables that relate to CD tracks are only used when rendering CD tracks from an audio montage. To render CD tracks, activate one of the following options in the Render dialog: Selected CD Track, One Region (CD Track markers), or Regions (track markers).

If a variable is used in a wrong context, it is replaced with a blank.