Customizing Shortcuts

In WaveLab Pro, you can control many functions via shortcuts to speed up your workflow. You can edit existing shortcuts and create new shortcuts.

Most shortcuts are restricted to a specific editor, which means that you can reuse the same shortcut combination in different editors. The exception is the Master Section where all shortcuts are global to the application.

The shortcuts in the Navigation (Numeric Pad) and View and Navigation sections on the Shortcuts tab are dedicated to navigating through WaveLab Pro.

Shortcuts that cannot be edited are grayed out. The shortcuts that you created are displayed in blue in the editor.

You can create new shortcuts in the following ways:

  • By specifying a key sequence of up to four keys that must be pressed in a specific order to invoke the operation.

  • By specifying a MIDI command. You need a MIDI controller device connected to your computer for this to work.

  • By specifying keywords.