Plug-in Organization

WaveLab Pro comes with various plug-ins, and additional plug-ins can be added. To retain an overview over the plug-ins that are relevant to your project, you can organize your plug-ins in groups.

On the Organize tab of the Plug-ins Preferences, you can specify how your plug-ins appear on menus in the program. In the plug-ins list, you find subfolders representing groups of plug-ins.

Initially, plug-ins are categorized by vendor, category, favorite plug-ins, and recently used plug-ins.

If the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of WaveLab Pro are used on the same system, their settings are shared. An exception to this rule are the following options in the Plug-ins Preferences:

  • Additional VST Plug-in Folders

  • Ignore Plug-ins Located in the following Subfolders

This is because 32-bit plug-ins cannot be used in WaveLab Pro 64 bit and vice versa.