Multichannel Audio Files

A multichannel audio file is a set of audio channels. These channels are organized in channel clusters. A channel cluster is a logical group of channels. It is always one channel or a channel pair.


  • Front left/right is a stereo channel cluster

  • Back left/right is a stereo channel cluster

  • Center is a mono channel cluster

  • LFE is a mono channel cluster

You can edit multichannel audio files and its channel clusters the same way you edit stereo and mono audio files in WaveLab Pro.

Supported Multichannel File Formats

WaveLab Pro supports Wave multichannel files up to a 22.2 channel layout.

WaveLab Pro can open Ambisonics files up to 7th order (64 channels). Ambisonics files open as a set of mono channels.

Available Multichannel Layouts

The following multichannel layouts from 3 channels up to 24 channels are available:

Multichannel Audio Editor

Multichannel audio files are displayed as channel clusters in the Audio Editor. Each channel cluster has a channel control area that allows you to mute, solo, and fold/unfold channel clusters.

Figure 1. Channel control area