Global Pattern Pads

You can use the pattern pads in Groove Agent individually for each kit or globally for all kits.


Be sure to check whether instrument pads and pattern pads share the same trigger key. It may be necessary to separate control over pattern and instrument pads, using the Use Pattern MIDI Port for Pattern Pads option or by selecting a different MIDI channel for the pattern pads.

If Global mode is not activated, each kit plays its patterns when pattern pads are triggered. Pad colors, names, and other pad settings are individual for each kit. The patterns are played using the MIDI channel that is selected for the pattern pad. If pattern pads are set to the same MIDI channel, they are played together.

If Global mode is activated, all patterns of all kits play together when a pattern pad is triggered. This allows you to play complex arrangements of multiple kits using only one key.

To use global mode, activate Global Pad Settings for Pattern Pads on the left below the pads.

When you switch to global mode, the pattern pads start out with their default settings, that is, no colors or names are specified for the pads and no pad settings, such as Exclusive mode, for example, are made.

You can configure the global pads independently for the individual pattern pads. You can also copy and paste pattern pad settings, either between individual pattern pads, or between global and individual pattern pads. This allows you to use the pattern pad settings of one kit slot for the global pattern pad settings, too, for example.

  • To copy settings, right-click a kit in the kit rack and select Copy Global Pattern Pad Settings or Copy Kit Pattern Pad Settings, depending on which settings you want to copy.

  • To paste the settings, open the kit rack context menu and select Paste To Kit Pattern Pad Settings or Paste To Global Pattern Pad Settings, depending on where you want to paste the copied settings.