Pattern Pads

Pattern pads trigger MIDI drum patterns or styles.

The pad section provides up to 128 pads, organized in 8 groups of 16 pads. Each pad is mapped to a MIDI note. You can assign MIDI patterns to each pattern pad, to trigger complete drum patterns or single instrument patterns, depending on the MIDI files. The pads are used to switch between patterns.

If a MIDI file is assigned to a pad, the pad shows a progress indicator and a beat counter. When the pattern is triggered, the progress indicator shows the playing progress graphically. In addition, the beat counter shows the current beat during playback. This allows you to see which patterns are currently running and at which playing position, relative to the length of the pattern. This can be particularly helpful when Toggle is selected on the Play Mode pop-up menu, because it provides a quick overview of the patterns that will be stopped and those that will be triggered.