Pad Section

The pad section is located on the left in the plug-in window. It contains the transport controls, the group buttons, and the pads.

Transport Controls

The transport controls allow you to trigger the focused pattern pad without playing a MIDI note.


Stops playback of the selected pad.


Starts playback of the selected pad.


If you switch between pattern pads during playback, the pattern changes according to the set Trigger Mode.


Allows you to record MIDI events live.

Jam Mode

Activates/Deactivates Jam Mode.

Group Buttons

The pad section provides up to 128 pads, organized in eight groups of 16 pads.

You can switch between the groups by clicking on the group buttons. The button of the active group is highlighted. If one or more pads of a group have samples mapped to them, an orange LED above the group button lights up. If a pad within a group receives a MIDI note, a green MIDI indicator LED lights up.


Pattern pads trigger MIDI drum patterns or styles. Instrument pads trigger samples.

  • Pads show the associated MIDI note in the top right corner.

    For pattern pads, you can change the MIDI note assignment. For instrument pads, you can only change this if Use Hardware Controller Mapping is activated.

  • In the lower section, the name of the pad is displayed.

  • If samples are assigned to an instrument pad, the LED above the pad lights up.

  • If a MIDI file is mapped to a pattern pad, the LED above the pad lights up.

  • A pad lights up if the associated MIDI note is triggered.

  • To select a pad without triggering a sample or pattern, Alt/Opt-click the pad.

  • A yellow frame around a pad indicates that this pad is selected for editing.

  • You can edit multiple selected pads. The first selected pad shows a yellow frame, the rest of the selected pads a lighter yellow frame.

Pad Colors

You can colorize the pads using up to 16 different colors. This can improve the overview over the instruments within your kit. For example, you can set the bass drum to one color, the snare to another, toms and cymbals to another, etc.

  • To apply a color to a pad or to several selected pads, open the context menu and select a color from the Set Color submenu.


If you use the pattern pads in individual mode, you can set up different pad colors for each kit slot.